Lemon and Blueberry Cupcakes

Some things you might not know about me:

  • I love a good bullet point
  • Every now and then a session of doodling aimlessly on paper throws me into a philosophical debate about negative space and makes my head explode
  • I recently tried to murder a friend of mine. I was unsuccessful.
  • I’m beginning to think the thumping I hear in my car boot could actually be a kidnapped person – and then I remember it is just bottles of mineral water after all.
  • I made Deb’s Boozy Baked French Toast with double chocolate hot cross buns instead of brioche for Easter. It was incredible. You should be jealous.
  • I really think you should try these Lemon and Blueberry cupcakes …

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The easiest meal I know

First, you take some of this and roast it for 25 – 35 minutes (be generous – you’ll thank yourself later)

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Christmas Baking

I don’t really have it in me to write something about Christmas this year. Matter of fact, I’d really┬árather ignore the whole thing and spend the day hiding under my doona. However, I need to get back to updating regularly, so to kick off my end-of-year resolution I’ll compromise and share something I wrote last year, but didn’t get around to posting …

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In search of feet …

┬áThis past weekend, armed with only my formidable baking ego and a new book (link to follow soon), I made my first ever attempt at macarons. As I suspected would happen, they didn’t quite turn out the way I was hoping. My bubble-shaped little meringue puffs don’t quite fit the traditional macaron image, but they sure are tasty. Besides, any excuse to eat chocolate ganache is a good one.

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(Deb’s) Mint-chip Cocoa Brownies

Guest Blogger: Katie

Round these parts, we are huge fans of Smitten Kitchen. I’m not going to lie, Beth and I refer to Deb by her first name in conversation, like she’s one of our friends. I understand that may make us sound a little deranged, but how can you help but speak fondly of a woman who consistently comes out with beautifully-photographed recipes that never seem to let you down?

One of the recipes featured on her site that I probably make the most is her endlessly-adaptable cocoa brownies. Today is a miserable throw-back to winter, and I have spent my entire Saturday – bar a quick grocery run – holed up inside, pondering these beautiful things:

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For the benefit of Misses Sparkes and Jones

This recipe for these chicken sausage rolls comes from my current favourite recipe book – The Thrifty Kitchen by Suzanne and Kate Gibbs. It’s full of drool-worthy photos and delicious recipes. The tips and hints scattered throughout cover how to shop more wisely, what to do with leftovers, how to save money and so much more. There are personal family stories (Suzanne is the daughter of Margaret Fulton, and Kate is Margaret’s granddaughter) and chapters like “Meals from leftovers”, “Entertaining on a budget” and “Work lunches and lunchbox foods”. I could honestly gush about this book all day, but I’ll hold back.

The point is, this recipe is awesome and I have friends who want it. So, here it is:

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Tarting around

This tart had quite a life, while it lasted.

It was eaten warm with cream and cold with strawberries.

It was given as part of a weekly baking exchange after a weekly pasta dinner.

It traveled from my house to Thirroul, to Gainsborough, to Kiama, in various parts and pieces.

It was served for breakfast, afternoon tea, dessert, as a midnight snack.

It was taken to Wollongong Hospital as a ‘Hope you’re ok’ gift.

It certainly met some beautiful people in it’s short existence.

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